Going All in With Millennial Design Talent Ryan Saghian

One doesn’t normally evoke the worlds of interior design and professional basketball in the same breath, but there’s undeniably a bit of the Kobe Bryant story in Ryan Saghian’s path. Just as Kobe was a young star who went straight from high school to playing professionally in the NBA, Ryan was also very young when he made the leap to starting his own design studio. Today the 28-year old Angeleno stands as both a young talent and an established name/brand unto himself, the embodiment of an all-in ethos now sought for his masterful ability to marry Old Hollywood glamor with an energized Millennial modernity in rooms exuding an authentic lived-in atmosphere. Like his immortalized hoops counterpart, Saghian’s journey toward fame and success within the design industry follows an unconventional path.

Similar to the late iconoclast, Saghian would proclaim his intent to become a designer early on, exuding a rare and

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