A Neutral Home in Bangalore Comes Alive With Crimson Accents

At first glance, the Azalea House appears to have a conventional, neutral color palette throughout the interior. Further inspection reveals much more than the grey walls and white floors with crimson hue accents added as visual highlights that draw the eyes in. FADD Studio designed the project for clients who longed for a unique design that bordered on avant-garde. With that in mind, they incorporated deep red doors inspired by the kind you’d find on an English phone booth. That bold start to the plan launched additional unusual ideas, such as the massive tribal pottery that resides near the front door. The two sculptures are more than just decorative as they disguise a column that had to remain.

A bold staircase begins on a stepped platform that transitions from black to oak to white to red, then continuing onto floating oak planks with black railings that rise to the skylight

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