Friday Five with Cleo Murnane of Project M Plus

From real estate and hospitality to restaurants, spirits, fashion, and wellness, Cleo Murnane brings functionality and beauty to every brand she helps build as creative director and co-founder of Project M Plus. Her own entrepreneurial background works to her advantage no doubt, as she translates her clients’ visions into strong brands in an artful way. Project M Plus’ services include everything from core values and business strategy to design identity and interiors.

Murnane is a champion for companies with vision, and has been instrumental in creating strong work for many top brands. Before founding M Plus, she worked for design and advertising agencies from LA to London. Now as a connector and educator, Murnane takes great pride in finding and mentoring new talent, paying forward the support she once received. Today Cleo is joining us for Friday Five!

Photo by Carol Es

1. Cy Twombly Gallery
The Renzo

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