Shopping for Clamp Lamps – The New York Times

When you need more light in a room but you don’t want to hire an electrician to install a hard-wired fixture and there’s no place to put a table lamp, there’s an easy fix: the clamp lamp.

Clipped to the edge of a desk, bookshelf, wall shelf, headboard or just about any other hard surface, it quickly brings illumination to an awkward, dark corner.

“The real beauty is in its versatility,” said Max Worrell, a partner at the New York-based architecture firm Worrell Yeung. “It can be super focused on a task at a desk, but also has the ability to shine up or against a wall for more general, diffuse lighting. That’s really compelling.”

Even the celebrated architect Luis Barragán used articulating clamp lamps in his Mexico City house, Mr. Worrell noted, where they provided adjustable lighting on shelves, tables and walls.

With a clamp lamp, “the

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