Bradley L Bowers Wallpaper Is Inspired by Optical Illusions

New Orleans-based designer Bradley L Bowers and his eponymous design studio have created a new wallpaper collection that’s inspired by optical illusions. Titled the Moire Collection, it consists of four different designs: Striae, Melange, Ripple, and Mirage. Scientifically, moire is a pattern/effect that occurs when two fine patterns are combined. In Bowers’ collection, the wallpapers highlight the scientific principles relating to visual depth and movement in a moire pattern. The results are visually stunning onscreen and even more so when activated in a space.

Striae / Brass

Bowers’ shares,

This collection is a true labor of love. I am a firm believer in the magic that objects have to transform and improve our homes and our lives. If we dare to make things more exciting and more vibrant, good things will follow.

Striae / Frost

Mirage / Ormolu

Bowers started the collection on the computer using various algorithms and

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