Liz Kamarul Goes All in To Design the Living Room of Her Dreams

Imagine this: you’ve been offered the opportunity to redesign, redecorate and completely reimagine a room within your home limited only by your own originality and efforts. The premise, while simple, presents an unusual challenge when offered to a professional stylist typically employed to realize other people’s aspirations. It’s somewhat analogous to asking an architect to design their own home or a chef to improvise a holiday meal for their own family – a straightforward request complicated by the reality that a creative’s most discerning critic is typically themselves. Ironically, a no limits, all in proposition can prove daunting to some because of the sheer number of possibilities.

But when Design Milk and Lexus invited New Orleans-based stylist and designer Liz Kamarul to redesign a room dictated solely by her own needs and guided by her own creativity, we knew we had found an ideal collaborator not only comfortable in pushing

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