Bring Natural Light in With Caesarstone’s Whitelight Collection

The brand known for inventing and leading manufacturing of quartz surfacing – Caesarstone – recently released the Whitelight Collection. The new series includes three new colors and two reimagined designs, plus three long-standing classics. You’ll find that Whitelight brings clean, straightforward neutrals into a space through its crisp lusters and soft hues.


The three new colors in the Whitelight Collection include the sophisticated sandy tones of Adamina, the flowing beauty and dynamic veining of Arabetto and the graceful timelessness of Aterra Blanca. Calacatta Maximus and Empira White have both been reimagined for the collection, while White Attica, Vivid White and Statuario Maximus appear alongside the new designs. The Whitelight Collection ensures that Caesarstone provides the brightest and whitest neutrals for indoor residential and commercial surfacing needs.



Our Whitelight Collection perfectly reflects the best of what we do at Caesarstone. The colors distill the earthy warmth of the outdoors into sophisticated backdrops for our lives, offering a sense of wellness and serenity. We are proud to continue to lead the industry with design innovations and surfaces that include a lifetime guarantee.

– Elizabeth Margles, vice president of marketing for Caesarstone North America and Latin America

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