What Are Your Options For Home Health Care?

Is it possible to be covered by the government for home health care? Answer: Yes. Answer: Houston is one city in Texas that covers home health care under its Medicaid plan. Suppose your physician-prescribed home health care services via a unique care plan for your specific medical condition. In that case, Medicaid will often pay for those too.

Home health care services

What are home health care services? houston home health care are services such as home health maintenance, in-home care, custodial or personal care, and treatment by a nurse or other licensed personnel. Individual states require insurance coverage for home health care services but not for in-home nursing. Texas is one of those states.

What types of home health care services can be covered by Medicaid? The nurse practitioner, licensed practical nurse, licensed vocational nurses, certified nursing assistants, physical and occupational therapists, and licensed psychotherapists can all provide home Read More