Decorating for the Holidays in a Gloomy Year

The holidays look different this year. And with the pandemic putting an end to parties and limiting the number of familiar faces around the dinner table, it may be tempting to scale back on seasonal décor.

But in a year when it feels as if so much has been taken away, many designers are doing the opposite.

“I think I’m not alone in trying to make it feel more special, and even create more traditions than we had before, just so there’s something to look forward to every day,” said Emily Henderson, a designer and stylist in Lake Arrowhead, Calif.

John Derian, a designer who transforms his Manhattan store into a wonderland of quirky ornaments every year, had similar thoughts. “It’s just nice to take care of ourselves and appreciate things, and not forget,” he said. “I think we all deserve a little special care.”

So how to

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