Semihandmade Changes Kitchen Design Again with BOXI Cabinetry

You might already familiar with Semihandmade, the company that has made an industry name for itself by creating beautiful custom cabinet fronts for IKEA cabinetry, changing how accessible it is to create a designer kitchen without the high investment. The company is now taking it a step further to become a completely independent brand by launching BOXI by Semihandmade, the first American-built DTC cabinet system for your entire home.

Design by Anita Yokata, photos by Molly Rose Photography

You no longer need to order from multiple places to create your dream cabinets for any room in your home because BOXI is a one stop shop that’s seamless and straight-afford, a big appeal for the everyday DIYer. They offer four different design packages depending on how big your project is, in addition to a curated selection of Semihandmade’s most popular drawer and cabinet fronts based on 20,000+ kitchen designs.

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