Hemp Headphones, Kimchi Jars, Design Communes + More

1. I used the holiday break to finally get started on a few home improvement projects that have wallowed far too long in the “one day” list. More than a few required the aid of a mechanical pencil to mark a drill point or draw a line for cutting, and also a pen for writing down measurements. The Onyx No.2 Mechanical Pen with its 2-in-1 design incorporating both a #2 pencil and pen within would have definitely simplified matters.

2. If you’re wondering how these Grado Hemp Headphones sound, let me note a friend who recently borrowed my pair swore, “I’m hearing things I’ve never heard before!” They’re definitely my go-to for daily evening “deep listening” sessions. Credit their agreeable performance to Grado’s hand assembled attention to detail and the inclusion of hemp wood, supposedly responsible for creating a damping effect and balanced sound. I also love the

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