Elevate a Basic Bathroom with 20 Modern Accessory Options

For the Walls

Artwork is an easy way to change things up in a bathroom. I’ve kept the copper frame and from time to time I swap the prints out for a new look. Get a standard size frame and a few of your favorite prints in that size and rotate them around when the mood strikes. Select prints based on your favorite color scheme, subject matter, or simply go abstract. If you’re not into artwork or you don’t have that much wall space, try a fun modern clock.

Evergreen Print by Jennifer Chong

Artefact Copper Art Print by Tom Pigeon

Too Tone Extra Large Black + White Wall Clock by TOO Designs


Extra storage and shelving is key to keeping smaller spaces organized and looking tidy. If you tend to collect a plethora of products and getting ready necessities (ahem, myself), look for minimalist gear to keep it all under control and not all over your precious counter space.

The Requisite Double Shelf Set by Tortuga

Leaf Black Round Shelf by Hue Minimal

Ayasa Copper Jars by TIIPOI

Miniportrait Oval Jewelry Box by Portego


Living things bring a lovely natural element to any space, especially a bathroom. There are no windows in my bathroom so having a piece of nature feels like a must-have. Whether you prefer a planter to hold small plant or succulent, or perhaps a vase to display your favorite flower, having that living element really tops off the room.

Concrete + Wood Planter by KOMOLAB

Vand Tealight Holder by House Raccoon

Eros Vase by Capra Designs


Every bathroom requires linens, and towels and bath mats are an easy way to add color and pattern to smaller spaces. Have a few sets you can rotate through while the others are dirty and your bathroom can always have a new vibe. Some of my favorite brands are Quiet Town and Marimekko, which are what I usually have in my bathroom.

Topanga Night Ride Bath Rug by Quiet Town

Siirtolapuutarha Bath Towel by Marimekko

Cool Products

Things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, or bar of soap might seem small and insignificant except for their daily duties, but considering they live out in open sight most of the time, you’re going to be looking at them quite a bit. Skip the drugstore options and spend just a little more for something more design-focused and it really makes a difference.

Bamboo Toothbrush by Goodwell

Pacific Mint Toothpaste by Goodwell

Shampoo + Conditioner Essential Bundle by SEEN

Cardamom Vetiver Soap by UME

Random Trinkets

There’s always room for those elements that are a bit unexpected yet add that something extra to a typically boring space. Whether it’s a sculpture, vessel, or design trinket, incorporate a few of your favorite things that make you smile when you’re getting ready.

Spiral Tall Bell by MQuan Studio

Bronzino Set of 3 Wall Hooks by Portego

Personal Melamine Cup A-Z by Design Letters

Copper Sama Trays by TIIPOI

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