Floating Realities: A Float Tank Spa That’s Bound to Relax You With Calming Pastels

Float tanks have grown in popularity over the years for their ability to destress and detoxify the body. They allow you to just float in salted water without any distractions or sensory stimulation from the outside world. If you’ve been to a place with the tanks, you know there’s nothing remarkable about the environment. BUREAU, however, is changing that for the better with Floating Realities, a float tank spa project in Geneva, Switzerland.

pastel tiled room with benches and plants

BUREAU utilizes calming pastels and minimal furnishings to create an environment that’s void of distractions and outside imagery. Simple square tiles in pale yellow, pink and blue cover the floors with designs rising onto the walls in block patterns. Panels in the same colors break up the tile for added visual dimension. Matching benches and tables, along with green plants, round out the spa’s lobby.

pastel tiled room with bench and plants

pastel tiled room with benches and plants

pastel tiled room with plant

pastel tiled room with plants

pastel tiled room with shelving and plants

Further into the spa, a pink metal shelving system with blue lockers and accents provides storage for towels and clients’ belongings.

closeup of pink and blue shelving

pink and blue shelving

shelving in pastel tiled room with white towels

pastel tiled treatment room with beds and plants

pastel tiled treatment room with beds

Sheer white curtains on colorful rails offer privacy when needed during treatments.

pastel tiled treatment room with plants and window

dark room with person floating in floating tank

Back in the tank rooms, the mood changes to a darker, calming vibe in preparation for total relaxation in the pods. Neon lights at the base of the tanks creates enough light to get settled in before the pod door closes. Then it’s lights out in the tank and time to float!

night shot of exterior of floating tank spa

Photos by Dylan Perrenoud.

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