StudioAC Puts a Contemporary Touch To the Cannabis Retail Experience

The contemporary cannabis retail scene continues to evolve ever upward toward luxury experiences, with finely designed and curated accessories, branding and retail spaces becoming more evident in cities where cannabis has been legalized. Toronto-based architecture firm StudioAC and Edition’s recent collaborative efforts epitomize the trend with a modern and minimalist boutique experience paring down the selection to make selections less intimidating.

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Working within the constraints of a narrow interior, StudioAC designed the Edition shop with linear precision obfuscated by a gallery-style entrance. Upon entering, customers are motivated to move inward to browse by a series of consecutive elongated tables embellished with off-the-shelf industrial grating and a monochromatic color scheme. The focus is upon the selection of wares rather than an overwhelming space, a purposeful intent to a “subpar or intimidating” shopping experience, according to Edition’s Ryan Roebuck.

Photo: doublespace photography

“Rather than the act of designing shelves, displays or sales desks, we wanted to produce a singular design element, a sculpture of sorts that has its own aesthetic quality and massing that simultaneously is inspired by existing conditions while also setting out to define new ones,” said StudioAC co-founder Jennifer Kudlats.

Photo: doublespace photography

Every single detail in the space was collaborative and made with intention. We didn’t just pick out some fancy marble and wood on a mood board. We wanted to build spaces that would evoke a feeling of intrigue and wow using high design to create unrivaled experiences in cannabis.

-Edition CEO and founder, Ryan Roebuck

Edition also plans to expand upon their retail launch with an upcoming collection of collaborations with designers from the realm of fashion, art and design under the moniker of “The Edit”. For additional information, check out @helloeditionx.

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