After 19 Years in Hawaii, They Were Missing Something: Winter

Life in Hawaii might sound like paradise, but after living in Waimea, on the big island, for 19 years, Lizzie and Mark de Reus were craving a change of scenery. They had previously lived in Idaho, and they missed the dramatic seasonal changes.

“We love the seasons,” said Mr. de Reus, 68, an architect who enjoys fly fishing and downhill skiing. “But in Hawaii, you really only get one season.”

For years, they dreamed of building a house near Sun Valley, Idaho, a resort city embraced by mountains. “It’s always been my absolute favorite place,” said Ms. de Reus, 58. “I love the cold weather, I love the mountains, and I love the wildlife.”

But one thing kept them tethered to Hawaii. “We were waiting on our daughter to get through school,” Mr. de Reus said. “She was thriving, so we didn’t want to disrupt that.”

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