The Ori Cloud Bed Table Edition Is a WFH Solution for Small Spaces

The Ori Cloud Bed, Table Edition gives off all appearances of a contemporary home office desk (or dining table), a surface that would naturally blend into an apartment, loft studio or even within a hotel room. It’s also a design harboring an impressive hideaway feature nobody would suspect until set into motion.

A follow-up to the brand’s Cloud Bed, Sofa Edition, this latest table edition operates with a similar push button ceiling drop mechanism that would make Kanye proud. The wall and ceiling unit houses either a queen or king sized Cloud Bed in a ceiling mounted position; at the push of a button the bed descends from the ceiling space while the table tucks down to floor level.

Designed for both residential and hospitality interiors, the transforming unit optimizes usable square footage by creating two spaces – a bedroom alongside a home office/dining room – all within

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