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Guide to Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers come in three different colors, black, chocolate brown, and yellow. The chocolate and yellow colors can vary in shade, but the black color is simply black. You can also find Labrador Retrievers that have some white patches on their chest which is just really normal.

You can find 2 layers of hair coats on Labrador Retrievers and this helps to protect them from the cold and water. The Labrador’s first coat keeps it dry and warm and it is a soft coat. The second or outer coat is water repellant and harder than the first coat. The second coat is able to repel water, so it comes right off the dog after swimming. The first coat protects the dog from the cold.

If you need a hunting dog, they you should choose a Labrador Retriever. They are good at fetching items for you like toys or birds that have been shot during hunting. Swimming in the water to fetch something for you is not too difficult for a Labrador Retriever. One thing that Labradors like most is swimming. Do not let them swim in freezing cold water but only in normal temperatures.

Many Americans love Labrador Retrievers. They are very popular as household pets. The reasons for this is that Labradors make for great pets. Labradors love to be around people and they are great with children.

Since the average weight of a Labrador Retriever is 50 to 80 pounds, they fall under medium or large sized dogs.

However, Labradors are not really good watchdogs. But, their size and their bark can scare people away. But the truth is that they are very friendly and will not be able to stop thieves from stealing your valuables.

Rather than being a watchdog, Labrador Retrievers are better family or hunting dog. But they can still scare burglars away with their size and sound. Burglars would rather enter a house without a dog, then a house with one.

Labradors love fetching because they are retrievers by nature. You can easily teach them to retrieve things for you and love to play fetch. They are smart and get easily excited which makes them great family dogs. They are great at obedience classes since they are easy to teach. A Labrador Retriever is great if you love to go hunting. It is a nice weather resistant dog which can hunt for hours.

Their bushy tails are very important for swimming. The shape of their tail helps them to swim well. When they have retrieved something in their mouth, they use their tail as a rudder to control their swimming direction.

Labrador retrievers need plenty of exercise and fun time. IF you have space for running and exercise, it will be great for your Labrador.

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