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What to Consider When Buying a Laptop in Kenya

Whatever you need a laptop for writing a term paper, teaching a language online, or just surfing the web – you should consider your needs and budget when buying one. Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as you probably thought. There’s no need to be tech-savvy (most people in Kenya aren’t), provided to make some essential considerations.

Here are the most important things to look into as you shop around:

Screen Size

Obviously, you get better portability with a smaller screen. Laptop screen are usually anywhere from 11 to 17 inches, and the whole system is made to fit the display. Hence, smaller laptops are lighter and more compact than bigger ones.

Unless the laptop will be moved much, a 15-inch model is going to work fine. Otherwise, you’ll get the perfect balance of space and portability with a 13- or 14-inch screen.

Kids under 12 will find an 11.6- or 12.5-inch display more convenient. If the laptop is going to stay on your desk most of the time, get a 17-inch.


Aim for a minimum screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, which is also known as 1080 or full HD resolution. A higher resolution means reading web pages will be a lot easier.

Battery Life

If you’re going to use the laptop away from an outlet for a significant amount of time, aim for an 8-hour battery life. This doesn’t include gaming laptops, of course.

Operating System

Chromebooks are right for children, but for everyone else, a Windows or a macOS will work the best. Chromebooks are child-friendly and equipped with tough anti-malware software, hence their popularity in schools.

If you can hardly decide between Windows or macOS, consider the key advantages offered by each one. For example, Windows is average-priced and comes with so many options, like laptops with touchscreens. On the other hand, macOS is popular for tougher security and first-rate video and photo editing sofware.


A 2-in-1 is good only if you need a touchscreen. Many laptops today are 2-in-1s, or those that allow switching between tablet and clamshell modes. Again, if you must use touchscreen, get a 2-in-1. Otherwise, a typical clamshell-type will offer better value for your cash. Clamshells with touchscreens are pricier and don’t has as much battery life as non-touch models.

Key Specs

Finally, if you’re going to spend around Ksh. 52,000 on a laptop, you should get at least an Intel Core i5 processor, a 500 GB HDD storage, an 4GB RAM, and a 1080p screen. If your budget is above Ksh. 100,000, you can go for a Core i7 processor and a minimum of 16 GB of RAM.

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