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Bellavista Collection to Post Lots of Photos from the Salone del Mobile

As an old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. One can add that seeing a real thing is much better than looking at its image. But the fact remains that a verbal description often isn’t enough. You also need an image at the very least. For example, if you are looking for a sofa, you want to see the available variants, rather than just reading how good they are.

That is why, Bellavista Collection showcases its newly designed Italian furniture pieces at prestigious live trade events, such as the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and Maison et Objet in Paris ever since 2010, when the brand was founded. At the moment this article was posted, Bellavista Collection had been taking part in this year’s edition of the Salone del Mobile, showcasing its products live – after the two years pause.

Also, Bellavista maintains a large showroom in the Italian province of Brescia, close to its headquarters and workshops. The customers have a great opportunity to take a look at newly created pieces placed there near to years-long bestsellers.

When it comes to choosing furniture for their homes, people prefer to see all the options live, or even better, touch and try them if possible. Quality armchairs, sofas, tables, and other furniture pieces are supposed to serve for a long time, so no wonder that people take buying these pieces seriously. Until recently, most furniture was bought in stores or showrooms, not to mention ordering it from craftsmen. By the way, the latter option had been the only one until the XIX century.

But now we are living in a digital era. More and more often people choose goods, including furniture, directly from the manufacturer’s website. It means that a well-thought-out, regularly updated website with an online catalog is a must-have for every company that cares for its customers. And so is present in social networks – it allows to instantly let the public know about new items as soon as they become available. It means that having excellent images is crucial.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, Andrew Grant once said. Manufacturers and sellers realize that it well applies to various products. When we see some, say, furniture piece, for the first time and like it, we unconsciously decide whether we’d like to have it at home and if yes, imagine how it will look there, among other things we see every day. To make such an impression, a photo must be really good. Look at images on Bellavista Collection’s site, and you’ll understand what are these images like.

Making Pictures for Bellavista’s Website

Talented interior photographers are rare. Everyone can press a button, but few know how to shoot a furniture piece alone or as a part of an interior to make a perfect picture.

Such an image accurately conveys all the features of the whole furniture piece and each of its elements. It exposes the beauty of materials: the inimitable texture of natural wood, and the rough or smooth surface of metals, glass, leather, or fabric. Real talents know how to make the most of the colors, shades, and hues. They ‘play’ with light and shadow to create something really special. They manage to show a piece so masterfully that you like it from the first sight… No magic – just talent and plenty of experience.

Separate Pieces

Open any of the brand’s website pages, and you’ll see at least a few images there. Every web page, devoted to a particular item, be it a chair or sofa, a mirror or a decorative statuette, not to mention wall paneling and lamps, contains a number of well-thought-out photos.

These snapshots are special indeed. Not only each feature of the item is clearly visible on them; but you can also grasp the general outline of the particular piece. In other words, every photo helps you imagine how exactly the piece looks in real life.

Ensembles and Interiors

When you open the Menu on Bellavista’s website, at the very bottom you’ll see the link to CASA BELLAVISTA Projects. As you probably know, ‘casa’ means ‘a house’ in Italian. In this section, the brand posts the best images from some of its past projects.

Luxurious interiors, fully furnished with items from Bellavista Collection, will leave no one indifferent. Take a look at images of these luxurious rooms. Wouldn’t you like to live in such a home?

One more great source of photos, depicting recently developed items and new collections, is the brand’s corporate accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz. Also, here you can find 3D models of interiors, worked out by Bellavista Collection’s design department. These virtual projects show how versatile Bellavista’s pieces are. What’s more, each of these projects can serve as a sample interior design, so if you are looking for fresh ideas, these resources are worth browsing through.

Pictures from the Salone 2022: Check the Website

Taking part in such a prestigious furniture fair as the Salone Internazionale del Mobile is a great chance to upload lots of wonderful images. Of course, the brand won’t miss this chance.

Exquisite showpieces from Bellavista Collection surely will be photographed from all possible angles during the event, both separately and as a part of the ensembles, they form.

Thanks to these photos, people who can’t attend this year’s edition of the Salone will be able to see the entirely new pieces from Bellavista Collection. By the way, information about them will appear on its website after the fair, when the former exhibits will replenish the brand’s catalog. But it will be later. Photos from the Salone will allow you to see the novelties immediately.

All in all, you are welcome to check Bellavista’s website as well as its accounts on social networks during the Salone and shortly after. Lots of beautiful photos will be waiting for you there.