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Designing Tranquility – The Art of Water Feature Construction

In this busy, sometimes frantic world, having somewhere to retreat and relax is essential. Add tranquility to your home designs with a water feature.

Contemporary water features range from glass-like reflecting ponds to waterfalls to show fountains that can be choreographed to music. Specialty contractors incorporate rockwork, state-of-the-art lighting, and high-tech fountain nozzles into their creations.


The water feature design is an art that requires a creative vision with an understanding of aquatic engineering. It also requires a team that can translate the design of a fountain into a physical construct. 

From a small bubble fountain that soothes with gentle sounds in a tranquil Japanese garden-inspired vignette to a waterfall that captures the eye with its synthesis of lights and vertical water effects to a dramatic architectural water feature at a hotel or corporate headquarters that creates excitement as you enter the building, experts have the design and engineering capabilities to exceed your expectations.

Another element that needs to be considered is the water source for the water feature. Can you use your HVAC system’s rainwater, reclaimed water, or condensate? These decisions can help reduce costs and environmental impact.


Water features add movement and sound to a landscape, transforming a busy environment into a tranquil escape. A waterfall soothes with gentle rushing, a fountain captivates with flowing beauty, and a pond supports wildlife and balances the environment.

Choosing the suitable materials to construct your water feature is crucial. Not all materials produce the same sound quality, and different styles require different maintenance techniques. Some materials are also more vulnerable to environmental conditions. For example, those constructed from natural stone are more durable than plastic ones and offer a rich sound not dulled by water.

When you work with water feature builders St. Louis MO to create your unique water feature, they will ensure the surrounding hardscape complements the design and can stand up to any climate. This ensures your finished project is a unique masterpiece and a dynamic addition to the garden.


A water feature will add drama to any landscape and create a focal point. Whether it’s a bubbling fountain, koi pond, or serene water garden, the soothing sounds of moving water can mask other noises, creating a quiet space to meditate or relax. Adding a water element can also increase the humidity in dry areas, which can help plants thrive.

A suitable water feature can boost your property’s value and bring more customers to your business. The key to a successful design is early collaboration with your design-build team to avoid delays and budget overruns.

It’s important to consider where your water feature will be located and how it will interact with other landscape elements. For instance, you would want to avoid a waterfall being visible from the kitchen window, and it’s essential to know from which angles your clients will see the feature. The location should also be considered when determining the fountain’s size.


The design of your water feature is critical. It should complement the surrounding landscape and architecture. This is true for both residential and commercial properties. The right design will make your water feature easy to maintain and attract your desired wildlife. Some critters are repelled by water, and others are attracted to it. For example, a bamboo fountain surrounded by Asian-influenced landscaping will be more attractive than a free-form pond next to the house.

The climate is also essential to consider. The freezing and thawing of the water will impact the appearance. A professional can suggest methods to reduce the effects of cold weather on your water features, such as insulated basins.

Water features are designed to evoke emotion and create a sense of space. From glass-like reflecting ponds to water walls and high-tech lighting choreographed to music, there are many innovative ways to showcase beautiful water.