How to Tastefully Arrange Furniture in Your Living Room

The living room is the heart of most homes in the 21st century. This is where we take our morning coffee, answer our emails, do our routine aerobic, and have some family time as we bond with our loved ones. Therefore, it is important to think about Only Oak furniture, how we pick and set them in this room. 

  • Identify the focal point

The focal point is a very compelling aspect of the living room. If you have a fireplace mantel or a large window bringing in natural light, it may not be hard to locate it. Other times, you create your own by placing a prominent wall hanging, or entertainment set such as a television. Once you decide on your focal point, you can now start arranging other items around it.

  • The furniture off the wall

Always leave a few inches between the furniture items and the wall. Unless you’re squeezed for space, it is prudent to give some breathing space behind there. This space creates the impression that the living room is quite spacious even when it’s not. But if there’s plenty of room pull the sofas away from the wall and create some talk areas at the center of the room.

  • Create conversation zones

You should be able to engage with your family, friends, and visitors without shouting to be heard or craning the necks. Arrange the sofas and tables to be close to each other so that members can face each other during their conversations. If space allows, you can add these areas so that people have a selection of their favorite spots.

  • Consider traffic 

Traffic flow is a crucial factor to consider when arranging your furniture pieces. Place the sofa and tables where people will not trip over them, or step on each other any time they‘re crossing. Leave a few inches off the wall and around the seats and coffee table. It is also crucial to leave enough pathways for people to walk around the house with ease.

  • Use rugs and mats

Place area rugs below each furniture item. You can leave some areas to exposethe floor, but every the sofas should all have at least the front resting on an area rug. Area rugs secure the floor areas that are prone to getting ugly marks because of constant dragging, especially during cleaning.

  • Set a large coffee table

 A big coffee table is better than a small one. A large coffee table is functional and has aesthetic value. If you don’t have a big table, you can use two smaller ones to achieve the same results. It is the anchor of the living room. People can place their coffee mugs on it as they rest or as they have their conversations. 

 A large coffee table offers easy access from the other support seats around it. Additionally, remember to leave an access path of around 20 inches around. 

  • Have plenty of light

Always combine overhead lighting with table lamps and floor lamps. Always place lighting at different levels to create balance. You can use a variety of light fixture to achieve this effect. For instance, place table lamps on the mantel, shelves, and side tables and a floor lamp at the end of the sofa.

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