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Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Are you running the air conditioner, yet still feeling hot and steamy? Are your electric bills higher than the neighbors? It’s time to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency and take steps to make it more comfortable. Here are a few tips to consider.

Have Your AC Serviced

If the main culprit is the air conditioner, then call out a reliable company to inspect the unit. Do you have a warranty? If so, call that company first. It will save you money. No warranty? That’s okay. Start researching and asking neighbors for recommendations. You’ll want to set up an appointment to have the unit serviced. At this time, the technician will look over the equipment and clean it. If any parts are broken, have them replaced. This may solve your problem. While they are there, ask them to look at the ducts. Make sure they aren’t pinched off or in need of repairs. These types of issues can interfere with proper air flow.

Add Insulation

What happens if the unit is in working order, but you’re still uncomfortable? Additional insulation could help. Delaware spray foam seals off holes in the house’s walls or attic. Too many gaps might be causing air to escape; thus, you experience the higher bills and warmer climate. Call several companies, and get estimates. While this may cost money upfront, it may improve your environment and save you money in the electric bill.

Change Out Small Items

Don’t just stop with the air system. Look for other areas to lower costs. Install a digital, programmable thermostat to regulate your temperatures. Do you have the habit of leaving the computer or television on? Turn off electronics when you aren’t using them. Finally, invest in better light bulbs. While energy-efficient bulbs seem expensive, they last longer and use less electricity. In the long run, they might save money.

Don’t be warm and humid in the summer, and certainly take the time decrease those bills. A few changes add up quickly.