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Storing Old Toddler Clothes

It’s natural to get caught up in the excitement of becoming a parent. Rare are the people who can resist nesting. It’s likely that you will end up with a lot of clothes piled up before your baby even arrives. During the first six months, babies grow between half an inch and one inch. You must therefore monitor your child’s growth, and adapt clothing to their changing size. You should not throw out anything you have used in the past few months. It is particularly important if you plan to have more children in future. Decluttering and storing the best items safely is essential, since these piles won’t shrink. It can be a huge difference to parents if the nursery is well organized. This makes it easy to access the space, and easier to maintain. These tips can help you to save space while ensuring that your baby clothing is safe for future uses.

What can I do with my old baby clothes?

Clothing for babies is much easier to manage than clothing for adults. It is easier to store because they don’t take much room. There are probably many items, from small socks, hats, jackets and more. Decide where you want to store these items. It is important to decide where you will store them.

Your attic, basement or garage can be used to help you move your family to a bigger home. You can easily move the stuff of children around. It is therefore important to pack well. This is also an excellent opportunity to reevaluate your possessions and their value. Your storage space must be well-insulated, and mold free.

Renting a local unit of storage is another option. These units are affordable and controlled so that your items can be kept in a secure environment. There are also different sizes to choose from so you can pick the right one for you. The locker or 5×5 units are the smallest and equivalent to walk-in wardrobes. A larger unit could cost you significantly more. There will always be an extra furniture piece or holiday decoration, along with toys and sporting equipment. Get rid of all the unnecessary items and make your home more spacious.

Buy packing and storage supplies

There are many ways to store your clothing. There are two ways to store clothing: in vacuum sealed bags or plastic containers with lids. They can also save space because they are compact. These bags are not suitable for long-term storage. The fabric of baby clothes is often natural and requires air to maintain its structure and integrity. Fabrics can lose their original shape if they are not properly conditioned. This would take a long time. You can sometimes air and repackage your baby clothes if you want to preserve them.

Plastic containers with lids have proven to be the most popular and best choice for storing anything. They keep items safe from external influences, and mold and mildew are kept at bay. Wrap clothes in cloth and tissue paper to protect plastic. To protect clothing for long-term storage, avoid using plastic bags and cardboard boxes.


Before packing, don’t forget to declutter and separate the items you won’t use. Only the clothes should be reused. Throw away rubber pacifiers and teethers. Plastic bibs are also to be thrown out. Donate the rest of the items to those who need them. Even though it may be hard to let go of the things that you cherished in your child’s early years but those memories will remain with you forever.

Drying and washing

Before packing, wash all your clothes. It will stay clean and fresh in storage if you wash it first. Baby clothes are easily stained so clean them thoroughly before packing. All clothing should be washed thoroughly and thrown out if it is not worth saving. Pack your clothes when they are completely dry. Mold can ruin storage.

Labeling makes it easier to organize

One of the best ways to store outgrown clothes is with a system that labels and packages them. Label each box or bag according to the size and segregate the items. It will be easier to find the items when you need to use them again or give them to someone else. Separate the outfits according to age, size and season. You can never predict when you will be able to use them again. This system is not necessary if you’re saving baby items for sentimental purposes.

The conclusion of the article is:

You can store your outgrown baby clothes in these tips and keep them for future uses. Baby clothes can only be worn a few times, despite their high price. You can reuse the adorable clothing if you have a second child.

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