Firehouse Project Episode 9: Core Interior + Exterior Facade [VIDEO]

We’re excited to share the next episode of Firehouse project – Core Interior + Exterior Facade.

When Anthony approached me and told us that he had turned an old firehouse into his home we had to see pics immediately and we were not disappointed. This place is incredible—gorgeous brick, ample space, full of character and quirks. We could not wait to see more.

This week’s episode dives deep into the systems inside the home, and how he’s designed it to be more energy efficient. While it’s not the most designy topic, this information is critical to anyone who is looking to make the right selections in their own homes when it comes to energy, windows, doors, systems, etc. Anthony walks us through all of his decisions, why he made them and how it all works together. Definitely a must-watch:

Check out the 3D model here:

See more of the design details and photos at and watch all episodes here.

Images courtesy of Anthony Carrino.

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