They Were Looking for a Place With an Elevator. They Found a Lot More.

After seeing the home in person, there was no turning back. “We came and looked at it, and it was just a little bit undeniable in terms of lifestyle,” she said, particularly as she and Mr. Hernandez had plans to expand their family. (They now have two children — Jax, 12, and Lou, 2 — and Ms. Burns is expecting again.) “As someone who has lived in the city for a really long time, it had these kind of inconceivable elements, like a parking space, a backyard, all these windows, this huge space and this giant basement.”

The couple bought it that March for about $5.9 million. While they loved the architecture of the space, which includes a dining room with a section of glass flooring that allows sunlight from skylights to flood the basement media room, they wanted to make sure the interiors had personality. So before moving in, they brought in Denise Davies, of D2 Interieurs, a design firm based in Weston, Conn.

Ms. Burns and Mr. Hernandez had met Ms. Davies a couple of years earlier, when they commissioned D2 to design their country house in Redding, Conn. During that project, they were impressed with Ms. Davies’s ability to divine their sense of style with little guidance, delivering a turnkey home with every last throw pillow in place.

“With the Connecticut project, we were so busy with work that we just made all decisions over email,” Ms. Burns said. “She is amazing at managing, sending options, overseeing it all, making all the right decisions and serving as a proxy.”

For the couple’s Brooklyn home, Ms. Burns told Ms. Davies that they were hoping for a slightly Parisian vibe, with modern furnishings set off by classic architectural details. And they wanted every room to feel extremely comfortable.

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