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Tips for Choosing a Portable Air Cooler

The air condition which is quite hot has made many people decide to buy an air conditioner, and one of the air conditioners that are in great demand is the Air Cooler or Air Conditioner. Air Cooler itself consists of several types ranging from split air cooler as commonly used by people, the window air cooler placed in the Air Cooler standing floor hole to portable air cooler.

The latter type of Air Cooler has been widely considered by the community because it is easier to move. If you are also interested in having it, it looks like you need to listen to quick tips on choosing a portable Air Cooler and how to treat it as follows.

Tips for Choosing a Portable Air Cooler and How to Take Care of it

The first tip when you want to buy a portable air cooler is to pay attention to the brand. There are quite a lot of portable air coolers now, but you are advised to prefer portable air coolers whose brands are well-known because such brands are usually of better quality and are widely trusted by the public.

The next tip is that you need to pay attention to product details, remembering that each of these products has its specifications. The detailed specifications in question include PK capacity, electricity consumption, and others. It’s also a good idea if you take into account additional features available on the product.

It is a good idea if you choose a portable Air Cooler that is equipped with an air purifier feature and also deodorizing. This is recommended because it involves your health and comfort while in the room. Then also consider your activities.

The point is, is there a possibility that later you will often turn on the Air Cooler and then turn it off again or not. Or in another scenario, whether later you will often open and close the door or not. If there is a possibility you do this, you should choose a low watt portable Air Cooler. Generally, the smaller the PK capacity, the lower the electricity consumption.

How to Take Care of Portable Air Coolers

Switch to how to take care of portable air coolers. This you need to know so that the portable Air Cooler that you have or will still have can be long-lived. Please note that the design and workings of this portable Air Cooler are different from other types of Air Coolers, hence the way of maintenance is also different.

Make sure you clean the portable Air Cooler regularly. But remember, before cleaning it, a condition that the Air Cooler is off or off. After that, unplug the socket so that there is no electricity entering the Air Cooler. Well, in this cleaning process, you are prohibited from using the liquid in the form of kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, and insect cleaning fluid.

You are better advised to clean the Air Cooler by using plain water or it could be with a liquid that is specifically for cleaning the Air Cooler.

Next clean the Air Cooler air purifier, because this is the most influential part of the performance of the Air Cooler. In this case, you can use a dust cleaning tool, feather duster. Then, if you are sure that all parts of the Air Cooler are clean, you need to wait until the Air Cooler is completely dry and then reinstall it.

Whenever you need an Air Cooler, make sure you buy it in a truly official place so you don’t lose out. One official dealer that provides Air Coolers of various brands and types is Vankool.

The Best Service from Vankool Air Coolers

Cheaper price

One of the things to consider when someone wants to buy a new Vankool Air Cooler product is price. The price of the Air Cooler must, of course, be a concern because we certainly have to think of a budget for other needs. By buying Vankool Air Cooler directly from an authorized agent, you can get a price advantage. You will get a cheaper price compared to other electronics stores. This is because the price of the Vankool Air Cooler on the agent is the price directly from the manufacturer or often referred to first hand.

Original Product

Because the demand for Vankool’s Air Cooler is relatively high, some elements use it to make Air Cooler that looks like Vankkol and sell it at a relatively low price. Of course, the quality of this Air Cooler is far below the original Air Cooler and prone to damage. Buying a personal air cooler directly can benefit because the product being sold is a guaranteed authentic product so you certainly don’t need to doubt its quality.

Official guarantee

Every purchase of a new Vankool Air Cooler unit, you will get a guarantee. However, some buyers complain that they only get a store guarantee when buying Vankool Air Coolers in some electronics stores. Conversely, if you buy Vankool Air Cooler directly from an authorized agent, then you will get an official guarantee from the manufacturer. There are several advantages if you get an official guarantee, one of which is a very easy claim at various official service centers throughout China.

Parts Guarantee

In addition to providing a new Air Cooler unit, the Vankool Air Cooler agent will usually also provide several spare parts from the Air Cooler that are needed, such as blowers, compressors and so on. Spare parts or spare parts are used for some buyers who need component replacement due to damage. The spare parts provided at this official agent are original components with quality guarantees of up to 10 years. With first-class spare parts, of course, Vankool Air Cooler will become more durable and long-lasting.

Here are the benefits of buying air coolers at an official Vankool dealer.

Original Product

The Vankool products that we sell are obviously authentic products, not fake products because we as the official dealer of Vankool Air Coolers in Zhongshan get Vankool products directly from Vankool Center.


The price of Vankool products that we sell is certainly in the price tag which is more affordable when compared to other stores that sell Vankool Air Cooler products. Because we get Vankool products directly from suppliers or first hand.

Official guarantee

We provide an official guarantee on every purchase of Vankool products. In order to provide convenience when making goods claims throughout China.