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Tips to protect your investment from the T-lock hazard

 There are many benefits to living in the beautiful County of Fremont – great mountain views, great outdoors, great areas – but we also have to deal with the wind, which can lead to weeping and wailing as we all know. Due to the strong winds, we experience here, many homes have T-Lock thatched roofs.

This roofing system greatly contributed to new homes built between 1930 and 1980, not only in Wyoming but also in other windy areas of Colorado and New Mexico. Initially, these colonies had a high asphalt content, so that they did not explode under their weight when the wind blew. However, over time, the companies that make T-Lock shingles use less and less asphalt, and the quality of their products is reduced. As a result, the wind can easily lift the more sensitive shingles from the roof.

What should I do if my T-lock roof is damaged?

T-Lock shingles are no longer manufactured, so if you have a home with these shingles, or have just discovered that your dream home has these shingles, BEWARE! First of all, it is impossible to repair this type of shingles, because they are no longer produced. In the event of a failure, the entire roof needs to be replaced, which easily costs up to $ 5,000.00.

Secondly, many insurance companies will not even insure homes with this type of shingles. Even if the roof is still in good condition, or if the roof has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, many companies still do not guarantee it. Many insurance companies have instructed their inspectors to report the presence of shingles as a “major insurance risk”.

Tips for protecting your investments and portfolio from T-lock

  1. If you are looking for a new home, always ask what type of roof it is. Realtors in your hometown will have this information to share with you. We are here to protect your interests and profits.
  2. Be sure to notify the insurance agent of the current T roof of the home you wish to purchase. Keep in mind that many insurance companies (including some in Fremont County) will not have insurance for this particular type of roof, so it is much more important than the contract provides for roof replacement. Home insurance is impossible to waive and therefore the issue needs to be resolved from the start.
  3. If you are bidding on a house with a T-shaped roof, make a complete roof replacement a bargaining chip. If the seller does not have the money to replace the roof, the bid amount must be reduced so that the roof can be replaced. If you sell a house with a T-shaped roof, your buyer pool will be significantly reduced if you don’t repair the roof before registration. To get the most out of your home, get a new roof whenever possible. If the seller doesn’t have the money to replace the roof, you can get a loan when it closes to replace it.
  4. Regardless of the type of roof, always have it checked by a licensed professional. Fremont County has many great companies and we are always happy to refer you to someone qualified to inspect your home.