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Tips to Stop Pooling in a Flat Roof

Commercial roofs are susceptible to clogged drains and standing water, which can cause damage over time. Here are some ways to maintain proper drainage on your commercial roof.

Flush Existing Drains

Regularly removing debris from your roof is essential to prevent accumulation in the drainage system. This will not only allow the rain and snow to drain away from your building but will also extend the life of your drainage systems. Consider hiring a professional roofing company to perform preventative cleanings of your drainage system once or twice a year.

Fix Low Spots

Commercial flat roofs may have subtle slopes that lead to water ponding in low areas. Sloping flat roofs for drainage can help remove the extra water to the outside of the building where the external drainage system is located or designated internal drains which will take the water away. Professional roofing contractors can help identify and fix low spots to prevent water ponding and roof damage.

Add More Drain Lines

If your current drainage system is not removing water effectively from your flat roof, consider adding additional drains. This is especially true for roofs located in high-precipitation areas. Widening existing drains or installing additional drain lines can help divert excess water from your roof. Adding more drain lines is a cost-effective way to solve drainage problems and prevent damage to your roof over time.

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