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Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

Today we are giving you the inside scoop on some of the up-and-coming interior design trends. We are welcoming the new – the latest on home office spaces, wood-grained and touch-open cabinetry, soft cozy fabrics, and touch-less faucets. These design trends range from the oldest material known to man, all the way to the latest in modern technology.

Dedicated home office or multi-use space.

With all that has been going on in the world, many of us have experienced bringing our work home. In doing so, we need a dedicated space to work, which has inspired many of us to create a home office – either upgrading the space we already have or transforming a room into an office.

Things to consider when creating a home office space (or a multi-use space for your kids and husband to also work from home):
* Computer – It may be time for an upgrade. Your laptop needs to meet your daily demands.
* Dedicated desk space – Whether a table or an actual desk, you need a place to spread out. Standing desks are growing in popularity.
* An ergonomic chair – Give your back some love.
* A reliable wireless router – You need a trustworthy Wi-Fi connection, because this is your livelihood.
* Equipment – Good lighting, headset, microphone, a second (or third!) monitor, ergonomic keyboard, wireless mouse, charging accessories, a hyper drive (to plug in all of the extra USB connections), etc.

*Optional: A room with a window for natural lighting, a friendly plant to add color and keep you company, your favorite scented candle, and optional… pants.  

Wood grain and natural finish cabinetry.

Natural wood cabinetry in kitchens, bathrooms, and offices have a beauty that adds warmth and luxury. Alder, cherry, hickory, maple, oak, and walnut are the recommended types of wood for high-traffic areas. The trend is still hot to bring a touch of nature inside.

When cabinetry is finished with a natural stain, it highlights the wood’s grain to bring out its unique personality and style. This individual texture can then complement the additional features, decorations, and accessories in the room. In fact, choosing natural cabinetry allows for both a simple and elegant or a more modern and drastic backsplash or flooring. 

Soft, textural cozy fabrics.

Who doesn’t take pleasure in running their palm over an exquisite fabric like velvet, mohair, soft bouclé, or hair on hide. We want design that not only makes us feel good but also feels good to touch.

When choosing material for a couch, try a rich, deep shade of luxurious velvet or the knobby, warm comfort of a soft bouclé. Pillows also are perfect covered in these gorgeous materials. I am dreaming right now of cuddling up with a velvet pillow.

One of the first Interior Design materials ever, continues on in a modern way. It is Hair on Hide. We’ve written more about that here, to share that even side tables can be covered with hide. You have to see the gorgeous pieces!

Touch-open cabinetry to replace hardware.

Cabinet doors without handles use a mechanical opening feature which allows you to simply push the door front to open it. It works with face frame or frameless, overlay, and inset cabinetry to open and close perfectly every time. It provides a unique solution for upper doors in that it opens upward and is out of the way. This application is perfect for drawers too, and you don’t even need any additional space in the cabinetry to install it.

Gaining a lot of traction now for kitchens and remodels is a very handy electronic system that allows users to open bottom cabinetry with a wave of their foot. These are perfect for trash cans, recycling bins, or, really, any bottom cabinetry. There is no need to touch the cabinet door to open.

Some systems have a ‘wave of the foot’ mechanism located in the kick board below the cabinet. This triggers then release and open the cabinet or drawer. There are other systems that have more of a ‘kick-and-go foot pedal’ automatic hands-free opening systems. These devices are perfect when needing to throw items away without getting germs on the cabinet door or for any bottom drawer or cabinet when putting heavy pans or multiple dishes. Pop the mechanism with your foot and watch it open. 

Technology touch-less faucets.

Motion sensor faucets are not just for the public restrooms anymore. It’s not only logical and more cleanly, but also elegant and modern. There are two features to look for. The single sensor is at the foot of the faucet that detects your hand or a container to initiate the water. It turns the water on when you place your hands under the faucet and turns the water off when you take your hands out. The double-sensor has one extra wave sensor on the neck of the faucet. You get to control the flow of water with a wave of your hand.

Three main reasons to choose a touchless faucet (when you’re needing replacement) are:

It’s so clean and safe. No touching the handle getting everything under the sun on the handle, washing, rinsing, and then touching the handle again. It’s so much more ‘germ-free’. 
It’s very quick and easy. From kids to great grandma, all you have to do is hold your hands under the faucet and it works. Anyone can do it.
It’s so futuristic. You and your guests are going to love how so very modern it is, every time you use it.  

Also, not going away in faucet design are the black finishes and brushed gold, but a new shiny updated antique brass is here too. 

We are using these design trends daily in our Interior Design, Dallas-based business all while maintaining a classic timeless overall design for our clients. If you’d like to see more, follow us on Instagram at @bgidesigner. 



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