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Understanding different types of roofs.

In today’s world of technology, there seems to be an overwhelming number of choices for any item you may consider for purchasing, and roofing options are no exception. For many of us, the task of opting for the right type of residential roofing to fit our needs can be a bit difficult.  A typical homeowner may not even know much about each of the options aside from the beautiful properties.

Here we will describe some of the most common roofing choices are:

Slate Roof System

Slate is a kind of natural stone that can be chiseled into delicate, flat tiles. Slate roofs are made of these tiles, coinciding to form the roof. Because of the uncommon shape and size of these tiles, this system is not deemed the most waterproof and therefore needs to be installed with a good slope to facilitate the water running off the roof instead of pooling between the tiles. Additionally, it is very heavy, and in some cases, a roofing contractor may need to support your roofing trusses to sustain the additional weight. A slate roof system operates in the higher price range, as well. The advantages to this type of roofing are its elegant and beautiful appearance, blended with an easy-to-maintain system that is highly long-lasting and can hold up well in any type of weather.

Clay Tile Roof System

A clay tile roof is a staple for a classic southern Mediterranean-style house. Natural clay is shaped into forms with lips and channelers that will direct the flow of water, then solidified by heating at excessive temperatures. This tile is both wind and moistness resistant, and supplies a long-lasting roofing option – potentially lasting 80 years or longer. While you may experience a single broken or broken tile on occasion, this roof type is easy to repair and maintain and delivers a distinctive curb attraction.

Wood Shingle Roof System

Wood shingles are a somewhat more expensive choice and are often found in higher-end homes. These shingles have a naturally aged formation, that many homeowners find very appealing. They are lightweight, and easy to substitute, but are tolerant to damage from insects and rot, and generally have a poor fire rating. The longevity of this roof type is specified by the type of wood used. Redwood and cedar roof shingles can last for half a century.

Asphalt Shingle Roof System

Asphalt shingles are the most liked roof choice, and the most affordable. These shingles are made up of thin rubber-like sheets, cut in a way that they look like clay or stone shingles, and adhered onto the under-surface with adhesive or hot bitumen. They are long-lasting, easy to maintain, and are appropriate for almost every weather. They generally last around 20 to 30 years, and for a homeowner who is willing to spend more, there is a boosted thicker version obtainable which will provide more durability. Another variation is an architectural shingle, which is an asphalt shingle that has been laminated to deliver more options in color and texture.