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Where To Place Your Tree

When choosing a tree, there are many things to consider. Consider the purpose of the tree as well as the soil and your personal preferences. It will not only look good, but it will also help the environment. The right tree will also help reduce costs and increase the longevity of your trees.

When choosing the best tree for you, consider the descriptions below. When shopping for trees, choose the species of tree that best fits your needs and meets all or most requirements.

Remember that saving mature trees is the number one priority. Replanting mature trees is not an alternative as they are very valuable and can’t be replaced instantly. Even though many trees have been planted as feature trees or specimen trees, it’s proven that groups of trees perform better when it comes to environmental impact, tree survival, and weather events.

Consider the purpose of your tree. We will talk about preferences later, but for now, let’s concentrate on practical matters. Trees have many uses. You should also consider what the tree can do for you and choose the most useful or important function.

  • Shade Trees strategically placed can save you thousands each year in utility bills. Plant trees on the west or south side of the building to block the sun in the spring and summer. Deciduous trees shed leaves in winter which increases solar gain. Passive solar design is the term used to describe these strategies.
  • Evergreen trees, in particular, can be used to screen buildings from wind, noise, and even neighbors. Passive solar design is also important when citing evergreen screens. The evergreen screens should face north, because the sun is moving along the Southern sky. Deciduous trees such as beech (F.grandifolia) and white oak (Q.alaba) can provide screening all year round. The characteristic marcescence makes this possible. The tree will keep its dormant foliage until spring.
  • Support for wildlife and the environment: Trees provide many benefits including shade, fresh air, water, and clean air. Trees Atlanta encourages native trees to be used wherever possible. Native trees are found in the Piedmont area. They share a special bond with wildlife. It is vital for the food system to remain stable (one out of three bites relies on a pollinator).
  • After establishing the limitations, beauty and creativity are possible. While research and design are time-consuming, they will help you avoid regrets and mistakes. You can choose trees that are a perfect match for the surrounding environment, or those that stand out as a stark contrast. Hybrids and cultivars are used to change the appearance of species. This includes its form, color, longevity, flowering duration, form and color, as well as other selection factors.
  • Fruits and nuts, perennial foods
Limiting factors (in relative importance):
  • Where should the tree planted be? It is important to think about where you will plant the tree because the root system of a tree extends 2.5 times beyond the drip zone/canopy. Native shade trees provide the most benefits, but are not suitable in small spaces or within 20 ft of structures.
  • Do any nearby utilities exist? Avoid planting trees more than 25 feet away from overhead power lines to avoid utility interruptions or pruning. The rubber-coated telecommunications cables are unlikely to interfere with trees, so you can plant them underneath. Within 5 feet of water, gas, fiber, or water lines, trees should not be planted. 811 can usually locate utilities in 3-5 days. It helps to avoid costly mistakes and errors.
  • Do trees harm certain areas? The wrong tree selection in urban areas can create dangerous and burdensome situations. The sightlines of pedestrians and vehicles must be considered. Trees shouldn’t be placed more than 20 feet away from intersections. Avoid trees that are too near the ground, except in open space or greenspace.

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